Delivery of Spiral separators & Shaking tables to Manchuria

Time:2016-04-01 10:44:24  Click number:3105

  • The spiral separators and shaking tables, which are ordered by one of our Russian customers, were delivered to Manchuria of China and would be exported from Manchuria to Russia.

  • Delivery of Spiral Separators and Shaking Tables to Manchuria for Russian Customer

    The Russian customer ordered spiral separators, shaking tables, and related connecting accessories are delivered to Manchuria today. These equipment will be exported from Manchuria to Russia. (Manchuria is a inland port of China)

    The spiral separators will work in group, being fed by the main distributor tank. As we know, the spiral separator is an equipment without any power, requiring very small footprint. It is a quite good choice in beneficiation. The spiral separator is always applied for enrichment purpose in the mining process so as to remove most of the useless materials.

    The shaking table will be used as roughing and cleaning after the separation of spiral separator. It is very popular and widely applied in gravity separation process because of its high recovery rate although it takes large area and has small capacity.