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Stainless Steel Amalgamator

Stainless Steel Amalgamator

>> Beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance

>>  Energy saving and high efficiency, simple and convenient operation

>>  It is an indispensable internal amalgamation equipment for the gold processing plant

>>  It can minimize the consumption of mercury during gold amalgamation operation



The Amalgamator is an internal amalgamation equipment widely used in gold processing plants. It is used to treat gold-bearing heavy sand in placer gold mines and gravity gold concentrate in vein gold mines. The recovery rate of gold extraction from amalgamator can reach more than 98%. It is one of the high-efficiency gold ore beneficiation equipment and gold ore purification equipment.

Although most of the gold in gravity separation gold concentrate exists in a free state, the surface of gold particles is often polluted to varying degrees, and some gold exists in the form of conjoint with other minerals . When using the amalgamation cylinder to treat the gravity-selected gold concentrate, steel balls are often added to the cylinder, and the surface film of the gold particles is removed by grinding and the gold particles are dissociated from the conjoined body, and the heavy metal containing free gold particles with clean surface is treated. When sand concentrate is used, a light amalgamator is generally used, and the amount of balls is small. Heavy-duty amalgamator are often used when dealing with heavy sand concentrates with high content of contiguous bodies and serious contamination of the surface of gold particles.

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