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Work Index Ball Mill

XMGB Work Index Ball Mill

>> Used to determine the work index of grinding of ores

>> For lab testing or small scale grinding

>> Low price but fast delivery

>> High quality & Stable performance

>> Two model sizes available



XMGQ work index ball mill is specially and mainly used to determine the work index of grinding of ores, slag, and other materials. The product is produced by the only enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, in compliance with the industrial standards.

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Same as other ball mills, it requires to add the materials and regulated steel balls into the drum for dry grinding. Then repeat to screen and weigh the products so as to work out the grinding work index (kwh/h).

Technical Specification

Model Unit XMGQΦ305×305 XMGQΦ305×610
Drum size mm Φ305×305 Φ305×610
Drum speed r/min 70±0.5 46±0.5
Power kw 0.75 1.1
Ball load kg 20.568 33.38
  Dia.   Qty Qty
Steel ball Φ38 pcs 25 45
Φ32 pcs 39 70
Φ25 pcs 60 100
Φ22 pcs 68 120
Φ19 pcs 93 170
Feeding size mm ≤3.2 ≤12.7
Volume cm³ 700 1250
Dimension mm 1500×630×1100 930×610×1185
Weight kg 330 400

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