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Lab Magnetic Separator

XCRS Magnetic Separator

<< It is to test metal concentration in lab.

<<  It takes wet way to magnetically separate the fine strong magnetic ore. 

<<  It is with a small volume, and easy operation and maintenance.

<< It  is not suitable for the ore with corrosive liquid.



The lab magnetic machine is used for the high strong magnetism metals , it always used in the laboratory room for testing . Check the rotating part and electrical equipment. Continuous working time should be limited in 3 hours. Renew the grease of the reduction box every half an year. Please check if there is short circuit when its blowout. Unqualified protective tube or directly switching on by copper wire are forbidden.


XCRS  magnetic machine is composed of magnetic separator main body and drum power supply of two parts.Magnetic machine mainly includes: (1) frame drum (2) (3) trough (4) the spray pipe (5) the transmission device (6) feed box

Working Principle 

The transmission device drive the belt motor , and then drive the drum size ,rotate and adjust the position of the pole to make the fan-shaped pole to its position. Adjust the voltage regulator handle to make the output current to its value.(limited value is 3.5A)feed the ore and switch the spray pipe. (Water pressure≮0.1Mpa) . After finishing feeding process, turn the switch into “STOP” to stop the rotating drum. Shut down the fluidization water and spray water and discharge the tailing.

Technical Specfication


Drum size 

Magnetic field intensity (m/t)

 Rotating speed (rpm)

Pole Coil Temp. (℃)

Max feeed size (mm)


Dimension (mm) 

Weight (kg)



125 stepless adjustment




380V 50HZ 





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