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Disc Vacuum Filter

Disc Vacuum Filter 

>> Simple structure & Lower cost

>> Continuous feeding and discharging allowed

>> Suitable for small miners operation

>> Easy dehydration and solid-liquid separation



Disc vacuum filter is a latest lab filter device equipment with both intermittent and continuous working function. It is application to labs involving minerals separation, metallurgy, geology, chemical industry, building materials, oil, paper making grand artificial crystal and to the dehydration and solid-liquid separation.


Disc vacuum filter mainly comprises vacuum pump, moisture air filter, vacuum negative pressure tank and two filter trays with automatic drainage device to be provided to separate solids from liquids. Two different filter disk with different capacity fit on the chassis, different amount slurry can be poured into the disks to filtering directly. The suck is active, located on the side of the chassis, connect by a hose to the chassis, it's use for the slurry precipitation extracting.

Technical Specification 

Model ZL-260/200 DL-5C
Filter disk diameter

large-size disk: 260mm

small-size disk: 200mm

large-size disk: 240mm

small-size disk: 120mm

Filter disk capacity

large-size capacity: 4.2 liters

small-size capacity: 2.5 liters

large-size capacity: 3.6 liters

small-size capacity: 0.64 liters

Pulp density 10%-30%
Slurry particle size ≤0.5mm
Filtering sample weight

large-size disk <500 grams, small-size disk <100 grams

Filtering time 5-10 minutes for normal materials
Power consumption 1.5kw
Overall dimensions 800*580*1140mm
Net weight 110kg



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