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Wet Pan Mill

>> As fine as 200 mesh output size

>> Simle structure & Lower cost

>> Be able to grind replacing the ball mill

>> Suitable for small and medium scale grinding system



The Wet Pan Mill is also called Wet Grinding Machine. Based on the different structure it is divided into double roller grinding and three roller grinding. They are mainly used for grinding operation, such as all kinds of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, non-metallic minerals, and the separation of gold, silver, lead, iron, copper and so on.



The wet pan mill, which is the excellent equipment for replacing ball mill, is the first choice of milling equipments for small and medium-sized enterprises.


The wet pan mill is mainly consist of the power plant, body frame, water basin, grinding roller, and grinding base, 

          1. Central driving shaft  2. Bearing seat/cover  3. Belt pulley  4. Belt  5. Motor sliding rail  6. Motor  

            7. Speed reducer  8. Support  9. Basin  10. Grinding base  11. Grinding roller  12. Fixed flange  

                   13. Sealing cover of shaft end  14. Crank shaft  15. Round nut  16. Static crank arm  

                                           17. Roller connector  18. Whell hub (PS: * is wearing part)

Working Principle

The wet pan mill works under the wheel grinding system:

Firstly reduction box would be driven by the motor, then under the drive of reduction box, the torque is transmitted to the upper cross axle through the large vertical shaft and then to the runner wheels through the straining beams installed on both ends of the cross axle. The runner wheels are driven to rotate anti clockwise along the horizontal direction of the cross axle. When the runner wheels are working, they could not only revolve around the large vertical shaft of the wet pan mill, but also revolve their own axles. The grinding base stays fixed at the same time. The added mineral materials are thoroughly crushed and ground under the force of the runner wheels’ body weight, the huge friction force between the runner wheels and grinding base which is produced by the runner wheels’ revolution and auto-rotation, as well as the repeated squeeze, curlating, and grinding.

Technical Specification



The pan mill is always used in small and medium scale grinding system for rock gold because of its lower cost.

The mercury could be added into the mill when grinding the gold ore so as to catch the released gold.

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