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Riffle Splitter

Riffle Splitter

>>>High accurate dividing, ensures sample representativeness;




The stainless steel riffle splitter is especially suitable for sample preparation work in the laboratory of industries of coal, electricity, nonferrous metal, metallurgy, chemical, environment-friendly department, scientific research and so on. 


Stainless Steel Lab Sample Splitter, Sample Splitters Riffle box

  • Stainless steel material, long service life and no pollution to sample;
  • Hermetic design, reduces dust to work in environment;
  • Open design, easy operation and high efficiency.

Stainless steel riffle splitter Specifications:


Type Groove Number Groove Width(mm) Splitting Size(mm)
1 16 32.5 <13
2 18 15 <6
3 24 7.5 <3
4 32 3 <1