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XFG Lab Flotation Machine

XFG Series Hanging type Lab Flotation Machine

>> Suitable for laboratory flotation research for ore samples

>> Hanging trough type

>> With frequency conversion or electronic speed control

>> With digital play and accurate adjustment



Employing frequency conversion technology, continuously viable of vane wheel, digital display and accurate adjustment, the hanging flotation machine of XFG series is applicable to stirring, scrubbing, separation and selection of small amounts of sample ore in labs of research institutes and mining bodies involving geology, metallurgy, building materials and chemical industry.

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Working Principle

The floatation machine has the advantages of large air-absorption capacity and low energy consumption. Every cell owns three functions: air absorption, slurry absorption, and floatation separation, and the cells form a floatation separation loop by itself without any auxiliary equipment, and is allocated horizontally, which favors the change of flow. The circulation of mineral slurry is reasonable, and can avoid the disposition of coarse sand to the largest extent. There is self-control device on the surface of mineral slurry, so it is easy to adjust it. The impeller has backward-inclined upper and lower vanes, which produce upper and lower circulation of mineral slurry respectively.

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Technical Specifications

Items  Unit  Model
XFG5-35 XFG50-100
Cell capacity g 5, 15, 25, 35 50, 100
Cell volume ml   20, 60, 100, 140     200, 400  
Impeller dia. mm

φ20, φ26

φ26, φ30

    φ36, φ48   
Impeller speed rpm 1000-1850
Feeding size mm 0.05-0.2
Motor model YTC-180-4/125 YTC-180-4/125
Motor power W 180 180
Dimension mm   450*300*700     450*300*700 

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