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XJT Leaching Mixer

XJT Leaching Mixer

>> Small size, light weight, low noise

>> Simple structure, easy maintenace

>> The motor speed can be controlled by the frequency

>> Stepless speed regulation of impeller, digital display, accurate adjustment



The mixer characterzied by reasonable structure, fine workmanship, small sizem light weight, low noise, simple operation, and easy maintenance, its motor can run at different speeds in cnjunctions with transducer, thus to adapt to a vairity of wet-process leaching test. It runs by impeller stirring.

Working principle

The leaching agitatorrotates at a high speed through its rotor, the liquid among the rotor is flicked out under the action of centrifugal force, and the air pump sucks a large amount air to produce small mineralized bubbles.

The rotating speed of rotor is stepless and variable which can be adjusted through frequency converter.

Technical Specification 

Groove capacity(L) 1.5/3/5
Rotary speed of impeller(RPM) 950/1400/1750
Motor(w) 120
Impeller diameter 31/39/48
Dimension 340/505/633
Weight(kg) 40
Voltage(V) 220



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