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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

>> Simple structure and easy to maintain

>> Short magnetic circuit

>> Little magnetic flux leakage

>> High magnetic intensity, low energy consumption

>> Fine beneficiating result

>> The drum is made from thick stainless steel for long service life.


Description of magnetic separator

The Magnetic Separator can separate raw materials with different magnetic rigidities. The machine works under the magnetic force and machine force. Magnetic Separators are designed to recover ferromagnetic materials. The separators are available in designs and sizes to provide solutions for all applications. The heart of each separator is the magnetic system with its unique design, which has a proven record of high efficiency. The Magnetic Separators are available in cyclic design with process vessel diameters smaller than 3mm. Magnetic Separator is one kind of efficient equipment for processing fine, feebly magnetic minerals, such as hematite, limonite, wolfram, limonite, and tantalum-niobium, etc.


Structure of magnetic separator

1. CTB series magnetic separator consists of magnetic drum, tank body, support, feed box, discharge box (ore concentrate box), drive motor, motor reducer, control box, etc.

2. The magnetic drum is made of stainless steel and covered with wear resistant rubber.


Working Principle of magnetic separator


When the raw materials flow into the tank body of the magnetic separator.

1. Firstly, the flowing direction of the raw materials is the same as the rotary direction of the magnetic drum, the iron magnetite materials are attracted to the surface of drum. This is the first separation.

2. In the second step, the flushing water below flushes the raw materials back is the second separation. This time the flowing direction of the raw materials is opposite to the rotary direction of the magnetic drum. Then along with the rotation of drum, the iron magnetite materials on the surface of drum will finally leave the magnetic field and fall in the ore concentrate box under the effect of gravity. The flushing water above helps to flush the iron magnetite into the ore concentrate box. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic materials can not be attracted and will flow to the discharge pipe as tailings.  

Technical Specification of magnetic separator

Application of magnetic separator


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