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Hydro-cyclone can be following materials:

<< Polyurethane

<< Low carbon steel shell, polyurethane inner liner

<< Low carbon steel shell, ceramics inner liner

<< Low carbon steel shell, TG-NM compound materials inner liner

According to different mining character to choose related materials could meet special requirements of consuming.



Metal Mine Hydrocyclone widely applied in mine-chosen technique in various metal mines. 

It mainly shows in the following works: 

1. Classification for section I closed circuit grinding

2. Classification for section II closed circuit grinding

3. Regrinding for fine mine classification

4. Mud-removing before selection and after selection

5. Dam and backfill for gangue  



1. Cylinder 2. Cone 3. Feeding pipe 4. Underflow port 5.Overflow pipe 6. Overflow pipe port

Working Principle 

Feed the material from feeding pipe , under certifugal and gravity force the material will be rotating in high speed , the heavy product will through the underflow port to discharge , the light product will through the overflow port to discharge .


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