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Spiral Sand Washer

Spiral Sand Washer

>>  Simple structure and easy maintenance

>>  Easy to operate, stable and reliable

>>  Large processing capacity and high washing efficiency


 The spiral sand washer is mainly used for sand washing, grading, impurity removal, desliming, and fine-grained and coarse-grained materials washing in construction sites, sand and gravel fields, prefabricated fields, mineral processing plants, hydropower and construction industries. The sand and gravel materials are stirred by the screw device in the equipment, so as to separate and wash the soil and ash powder on the materials into clean materials.

Working principle

The rotor of the spiral sand washer adopts a central structure, and the spiral blade is installed on the central shaft; the motor drives the reducer, and the reducer is linked to the central shaft. A device for mechanical classification based on the principle that the specific gravity of solid particles is different, so the speed of sedimentation in the liquid is different.


The spiral sand washer has two structures: single spiral sand washer and double spiral sand washer.

1. Motor   2. Reducer  3. Equipment frame  4. Tank body  5. Spiral blade  6. Discharge outlet

Technical Specification