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DYTA7750 Hydraulic Radial Jig

Compared with other jigs, this jig has advantages: 

>> Larger separation area, higher capacity;

>> Specially good for recovering fine size minerals because of the fan shape chambers;

>> Fit for applying on dredger because of its compact structure, intensive feeding, smaller space for ore distributor;

>> Simplified transmission device, and save power because of the hydraulic transmission. 

>> The jigging curve of hydraulic radial jig is similar to the sawtooth shaped asymmetry pulse curve, which is not only good for recovering fine size heavy minerals, but also heavily save the minus screen supplementary water.



DYTA-7750 jig, which is developed from the circular jig machine, is composed of drive system and jigging chamber.

The drive system, which is the mechanical hydraulic form, is powered by electric motor. The output shaft of the reducer drives the cam to rotate through the shift gear. The cam drives the plungers of each main transmission oil cylinder to do the periodic reciprocating movement which  transforms the electric energy into mechanical energy and then into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic energy drives the slave cylinder movement which drives the cone of jig machine to do the pulsing movement up and down.

The jig frequency of DYTA-7750 is regulated steplessly through the electromagnetic speed regulating asynchronous motor from 0-90 times/min. The jigging chamber is unit combination, each unit is composed of 3 jigging sections. Each jigging section is similar to a trapezoidal jig machine. The sections could form a round or fan shape according to the capacity and or the configuration requirements.

At present, the hydraulic radial jig has been widely applied on dredgers as roughing concentration equipment for gold ore, tin ore, diamond ore, tungsten ore, hematite ore, and so on in foreign countries. The mining equipment our country introduced from Dutch which were applied on three 300 liters gold dredger is just this kind of hydraulic radial jig. It proves that its separation efficiency is quite good through years’ trial.


         1. Main transmission mechanism  2. Jigging chamber  3. Feeding chute  4. Screen mesh   

         5. Rubber discharge pipe  6. Rubber diaphragm  7. Control panel  8. Hydraulic power unit

Technical Specification


The DYTA-7750 series hydraulic radial jig are widely applied on the mining dredgers for roughing concentration of alluvial ores.

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