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XFD-12 Laboratory Flotation Machine

XFD-12 Laboratory Flotation Machine

>> High precision separation for ore, precious metal.

>> Frequency control, rotating speed is visible.

>> Impeller is made of stainless steel, anti-rust and long service life.

>>Small design, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. 

>> High separation efficiency.



XFD-12 is small design laboratory use froth type multiple tank flotation machine for kinds of ore, gold sand, mineral, precious metal separating, it is also suitable for coal that 35mesh or less size fraction. It can be used in float test on 125-30000g flotation sample.



(1) Machine base (2) Pallets (3) Tank (4) Mixing Unit (5) Scraper portion (6) Spindle part (7) Shell (8) Motor (9) Flow meter (10) Control switch (11) Scraper switch

Technical specification

Model XFD-12
Groove capacity(L) 0.5/0.75/1/2/4/8
Impeller speed(RPM) 700-2000
Feeding granulanty(mm) 0.2
Scraper speed(r/min) 15/30
Motor(w) JW8324  250w
Diameter of impeller(mm) 54/73/95
Dimension(mm) 560*460*860
Weight(kg) 58


Application areas: aration in the laboratories of geology, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries. 


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