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Flotation Machine

Flotation Machine

SF series flotation machine is the improved product of A-type.It can self-absorb mineral pulp and self-absorb air, its operating room is allocated horizontally. Compared to A-type, it has larger air-absorption capacity, lower power consumption, longer service life of impeller and cover, without need any supplementary equipment, better dressing efficiency.


Description of flotation machine

SF series flotation machine is not only applied to separating the non-ferrous metal, ferrous metals, precious metals, and chemical raw materials, recycling useful minerals, but also applied to selecting the non-metallic minerals such as the coal, fluorite, talc and so on.


Structure of flotation machine


Working Principle of flotation machine

SF series flotation machine drives the impeller rotate by the V-belt transmission  of the motor, and produces the centrifugation effects to form the negative pressure. This flotation machine can inhale adequate air that to be mixed with the slurry. On the other hand, the mixing pulp is intermixed with the drugs. At the same time, refine the bubble, and make the minerals conglutinate on the bubble, and then float on the surface of the ore pulp, to form the mineralized bubble. Adjust the height of the flashboard, control the liquid level, and make the useful bubble scrapped by the scraper blade.

Technical Specification of flotation machine

Application of flotation machine

SF series flotation machine is the improved product of A-type.  It can self-absorb mineral pulp and self-absorb air, its operating room is allocated horizontally. 


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