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Finishing Shaker Table

1. A finishing table to enable you to get the pure gold;

2. Lower cost with higher recovery;

3. Environment friendly, no mercury required


Product Description

This finishing table has been specifically designed for the recovery of fine gold to a directly smeltable concentrate. Several models are available to cater for feed rates from 115 kg/h up to 450 kg/h. A laboratory unit is also available, treating 30kg/h.

The deck grooves are uniquely designed to optimize the collection of gold particles. The machine can be used to treat low-grade concentrates and still achieve high gold recoveries and grades.
When deciding on the appropriate operation of the shaker table, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:
  • Machine to be fed at constant feed rate
  • Clean, constant pressure wash water is required for optimal separation
  • The removal of fine iron particles (mill media etc) prior to the table using a READING low-intensity magnetic drum separator (LIMS) is recommended
All of the machines are manufactured to strict quality control standards and subject to rigorous testing before shipment.


  • Direct, fixed speed feed system
  • The table can be operated in batch or continuous mode
  • No massive foundation required
  • Available for single or three-phase power supply
  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Deck constructed of hard-wearing gel coat with GRP backing.
  • Adjustable "bump stop" to control deck motion amplitude
  • Recessed deck grooves for gold collection
  • Multiple dressing water cock valves for wash water control
  • Central water manifold constructed for resistance to attack by contaminated process water


Model Capacity Motor power Dimension/mm Weight/kg
GTC-60 30kg/hr
0.55KW 1490*894*1160 145
GTC-250 115kg/hr
1.1KW 2180*1340*1350 220
GTC-1000 500kg/hr 1.5KW 2800*1750*1365 320